Onboarding and Next Steps

Video Walkthrough

Walkthrough of "Moving Forward with Managed Orgs Donative and Onboarding"

Walkthrough of "Moving Forward with Managed Orgs Donative and Onboarding"

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction and Sign-Up (00:00 - 07:52)

  • Welcome to Managed Orgs Donative
  • Signing up and receiving an email link
  • Scheduling a check-in call
  • Welcome email and access to the admin portal
  • Access to the payment portal and KYC information

Chapter 2: Connecting to Amazon Business (07:52 - 19:37)

  • Connecting to your organization's Amazon business account
  • Creating a new group for Donative
  • Configuring purchasing system
  • Setting up admins and addresses
  • Adding payment methods
  • Setting up tax exemptions

Chapter 3: Creating Campaigns and Adding Products (19:37 - 26:51)

  • Creating a new campaign
  • Adding campaign details
  • Adding wishlist items
  • Setting up campaign colors and tags
  • Applying service charges and tax exemptions

Chapter 4: WordPress Plugin Installation (26:51 - 31:21)

  • Installing the Managed Org Donative plugin for WordPress
  • Creating a new page for the wishlist
  • Using shortcodes to display your wishlist
  • Validating the plugin for access
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