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Donative: The Best Fundraising and Donation Tracking Software for Non-Profits

Donative is a fundraising software that helps you simplify and optimize your donation process. With us, you can create and manage your campaigns, accept online donations, and track your donors’ impact. The platform lets you customize your donation forms, set up recurring donations, integrate with popular platforms, and access real-time data on your donors and campaigns.

With powerful donation-tracking features, you can monitor your fundraising performance, identify trends and opportunities, and measure your impact. Donative is the ultimate solution for fundraising and donation tracking for non-profits.

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Boost Your Fundraising Success with Donative

Do you want to track your donations and measure your impact? Try Donative – the best fundraising platform for nonprofits. The platform lets you create, manage and track product campaigns and fundraisers with ease. Campaign customization is possible through the addition of descriptions, images, shipping locations, and goals. You can also monitor your donations and see how close you are to reaching your targets. Donative helps you connect with your donors and supporters, and grow your non-profit’s reach and impact.

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Easy Website Integrations with Donative Plugins

Donative is a fundraising software that lets you create and manage campaigns, track donations, and integrate seamlessly with your website. Our website plugins can be utilized to add donation buttons, widgets, and forms to your site, requiring no coding or maintenance. You can also access a dedicated admin portal to monitor your campaigns, donors, and payments. Donative makes fundraising for non-profits easy and hassle-free.


Save Money with Donative – The Fundraising Software

Donative help you save money while raising more. This fundraising software lets you create beautiful and engaging donation pages, track your donations and donors, and manage your campaigns with ease. But what makes it unique is its optional ‘Help With’ features. These features allow your donors to help you offset your operational costs, such as payment processing fees, hosting fees, and marketing costs. By enabling these features, you can reduce your expenses and increase your net revenue. Donative is the fundraising software that cares about your bottom line.


Donative: No Limits, No Boundaries, No Compromises

It is the best fundraising software for nonprofits of all sizes and missions. With Donative, you can create unlimited campaigns and products, invite unlimited users and collaborators, and track your donations and progress in real-time. The platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to raise funds for any cause, anytime, anywhere. Don’t let anything limit your potential. Join Donative today and start making an impact. Donative is more than just fundraising software. It’s a platform for change.


Boosting Your Non-Profit Fundraising in Minutes

Donative lets you collect and manage donations online. With Donative, you can create and customize your donation page, accept multiple payment methods, track and report on your donation data, and more. This easy-to-use fundraising software helps you retain donor data and analyze your fundraising performance with its dedicated admin portal. You can access donor information, order history, inventory management, and other useful features from any device. Donative is the best solution for fundraising for non-profits of any size and cause.


Donative and Amazon Business: A Winning Combination for Non-Profits

Donative is a powerful and easy-to-use fundraising software that helps you raise more money for your cause. Donative lets you connect and sync with your Amazon Business account in seconds. This means you can trigger orders directly from your website to Amazon, saving you time and hassle. Whether you need books, supplies, equipment, or anything else, Donative makes it simple and convenient to get what you need from Amazon. Donative is the ultimate fundraising software for non-profits who want to make a difference in the world.

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Easily integrate with Amazon Business

Integrate with Amazon Business account in seconds. Trigger orders directly from your website to Amazon.

Donative – The Complete Solution for Your Nonprofit’s Donation Needs

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Manage your donors and donations with ease and efficiency

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Integrate Donative with your site and offer your donors an easy way to support your cause

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Use our smart APIs to tailor your donation platform to your specific needs and preferences

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Manage your team, donations, and settings from one convenient and user-friendly dashboard

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